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APH -- The Curls . :iconaphin123:aphin123 454 84
J. Michael Tatum Rick-rolling: French style...
Before I dash off to bed I leave you with this from tonight's Q&A panel:
Pardon the shaky camera, I was very nervous and I don't take video well. And yes, that is me laughing like a dork in the background.
:iconmaplepucks:MaplePucks 5 7
Descion 2012 :iconcountess-of-darkness:Countess-Of-Darkness 5 1
GermanyxReader: Puppy Love
In the middle of the night, you woke to the sound of aggravated barking, each yip and growl piercing the silence. The neighbourhood strays were fighting again, probably over a scrap bone or something. Beside you, Ludwig stirred, groaning quietly before letting out a string of curses in his native tongue.
"Vhat is zat?" he grumbled, turning towards you. In the dark, you couldn't see his face, but you could bet his sleepy expression was cute.
"Ah, you don't know." This was the first time he'd spent the night at your place. "Our neighbourhood has some stray dogs, and they're always messing around with each other."
The barking quieted, and then suddenly started up again.
Ludwig gritted his teeth, burying his face into his pillow. "God, I hate zose stupid mutts."
"Hey," you said, gently. "It's not their fault. They have to survive somehow."
He snorted in response, narrowing his sky-blue eyes that looked black in the shadows. "I von't be able to fall asleep again. Unless…" He moved clos
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Yo, how are ya? The name's Jazlyn, but you can call me Lavie if you want. I am an aspiring novelist and artist. I hope you'll like the stuff I put out.
Backup Account: :iconartsy-sugar-peas:

|Current Obsessions|
Pokemon Games Stamp by thatkidkale
NO. 6 Stamp by Twilight-Kiyoko
Kimi Ni Todoke Stamp by Twilight-Kiyoko
Ao no Exorcist Stamp by ReverieSummoner
[ny] natsume 02 by takashimi
Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair

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  • Listening to: twenty one pilots - Lane Boy
  • Reading: Dragon Drive
  • Watching: ERASED
  • Playing: Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Eating: Cupcakes
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Hello everyone! :iconamericasparklesplz: Jazlyn here. So, after careful consideration, I have decided to open up a commissions! :iconamericawantsplz: Now, since I already put the detail in the commissions widget, I'll let you all know something else: I'm also going to be doing art trades! I'm doing this mainly because I'm not convinced I'm gonna get many commissions :iconamericadisapproveplz: ... Anyway! Here are some guidelines for said art trades~:

Things I will draw:
1. Original Human Characters
2. Original Animal Characters
3. Original Mythical Beast Characters
4. OCs for existing series
5. Fanart (depends on the series)
6. Ship Art (refer to #5)
7. Anything else will be negotiated :icononionamericaplz:

Things I will not draw:
1. Porn of any kind
2. Gore (because I'm bad at it)
3. Serious Hate Art
4. Anything that is offensive, really.

If you aren't sure of what you can request, you can just ask me. Otherwise, note me or comment below if you want to trade with me. Well, that's all from me today. Talk to you all next time! :iconamericaheroplz: Laters~!
Hullo everyone, Jazlyn here! Just doing some quick updates. My reader insert, 'A Chance Encounter', is going to be rewritten. And with that rewrite will come a better understanding on how to fucking write properly. (Well, more properly than last year, now that I have an actual novel in the works.) Anyway! I look forward to your feedback, guys. Now onto the next subject; I will start art trades. Well, actually, I'm going to start them eventually. I have to reinstall my tablet software to a new computer. When it's done, the first thing I'll do is redraw some old artwork I made when I only had a mouse pad to my name. I'll write another journal when everything is set up. Well, that's I'll I've gotta say. See you all later!ヽ(^◇^*)/


here's an oc i've wanted to draw for a while. he ended up being a lot different than i had him before.
A Wonderful Pear 10/10
[digital art is my passion]

background from here:…

the plush cat belongs to me
Here's another one of my demon characters. This is Spitfire and he literally spits fire.


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